Snail Sakk

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The “snail mail” catcher for mail slots!™

A high quality and highly functional item that is absolutely invaluable for mail slot users. One of the most unique and useful gifts that you could give, to yourself and others, on any occasion (housewarming, Christmas, birthday, Mother’s Day, etc.)!

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• Catches the mail and holds it neatly above the floor.
• Reduces drafts and can be used with draught excluders too for additional draft reduction.

• Quick and simple to put up. No tools necessary! And no screws/nails used means no holes put into your door!
• One-handed, easy access to your mail from either side or by pulling down a top corner.
• No bending down to pick up your mail off the floor (especially helpful for the elderly, disabled, or anyone with mobility issues.)

• Is made of soft yet very sturdy, machine-washable microfiber suede (non-animal) with embroidery in four areas.
• Comes in eight different colors – from vibrant to neutral – to complement any decor: Tan, Cream, Chocolate, Black, Red, Blue, Gray, and White.
• Space efficient yet holds a hefty amount of mail (high quantity & weight up to 10lbs).

• Blocks peeping Toms and thieves from looking into your home/office via the slot. And conceals your mail from visitors as well, so as to protect your privacy.
• Keeps mail away from foot traffic, water seepage under the door, and out of sight/mind of most pets.

• Designed to fit all standard, horizontal mail slots – magazine & letter size (plates up to 15.75″ wide x 4″ tall).
• Easy to take down and transport, if wishing to check your mail elsewhere or to switch between Snail Sakk® colors.
• Great for home, office and garage doors!

• A FREE letter opener with magnifier and ruler is included with every Snail Sakk!

• One Snail Sakk® (16.25″ x 21.75″)
• Two adhesive, hook fastener strips (14.25″ x 1″ each). Also sold separately, if needing extra strips.
• One letter opener with magnifier and ruler (4.29″ x 2.8″)

5 reviews for Snail Sakk

  1. Vita M. Hall

    I ordered this for my 95 yr old mother who has a mail slot in the front door and the mail and misc fall directly onto the tile floor which she can no LONGER bend over to pick up. This is a BIG thumbs up!! She loves it and it is cute too. 🙂 Thank you whomever thought to make this product!! It’s a life saver, literally!

  2. Lorie Blue

    I was looking for a solution for my office door, and found mostly metal, bulky lockboxes. Snail Sakk is perfect, slim, stylish, and perfect for collecting the envelopes and notes. No more mail on the floor to trip over when I open the door!

  3. Michael Golden

    I was looking for a solution to address my drafty front door mail slot and also keep the mail from falling on the floor. I just installed it, but the Snail Sakk looks like it’s going to work great. It’s high quality and the color matches my door well. Although it doesn’t stop drafts completely (I knew it wouldn’t from previous reviews), the cold air now goes into the bag and gradually seeps through the fabric and sides. It’s not airtight, but the feeling there’s an open door or window in my entry hall is gone. We testing it with various sizes of mail and it takes a large stack of magazines without a hitch. The collection bag is large and mail slides in without snagging. I’m very satisfied so far!

  4. Charly L.

    Very convenient, so much better than walking on my mail as I come in the door. Keeps the draft out as well!!! Exactly as described, well made and very easy to install. I’m very pleased with my purchase!

  5. Mike Brown

    I can’t believe a product so simple, could be so effective. I live in a house with Veteran’s that are at, or nearly at retirement age. Most of us have back problems which make it difficult to pick up mail that is all over the floor. We don’t have to listen to our dog barking every day the mail is delivered either, as the mail no longer crashes to the floor. Great product, highest recommendation!

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