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Snail Sakk Features

Snail Sakk is an original invention created to help mail slot users everywhere with the only space-efficient solution to catching their mail—no more bulky baskets or cages!

Snail Sakk is attractive and strong yet soft to the touch. Made of sturdy, machine washable, microfiber suede (non-animal) with nice embroidery. A quality product!

Snail Sakk installs easily with no tools needed. And since no screws or nails are used, no holes are put in your door. The strong adhesive strips and large capacity sakk allow for a hefty amount of mail too (quantity & weight).

Snail Sakk reduces drafts and protects your privacy. Because the fabric lays over the mail slot opening and is opaque, drafts are lessened and peeking eyes can’t see into your home via the mail slot. Mail is also concealed from visitors within the home.

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